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Support Tkiya!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Tkiya through our Indiegogo campaign in 2014! We raised $7,387 from a total of 115 donors and are now continuing to raise the money and resources we need to help our programs grow. Please read on to find out how you can further support us.


Tax-Deductible Donations

Your contribution will help us build New York’s first Jewish Community Music School! All donations are 100% tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsorship with the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity.

Donate Now

By Check

You can also mail contributions to the Center for Jewish Culture and CreativityTour fiscal sponsor. Checks should be payable to the CJCC with “Tkiya” in the memo line.

CJCC: Tkiya
2576 Broadway, #292
New York, NY 10025

In Kind Donations

In addition to funds, there are many other resources of which Tkiya is in need! If you have instruments, technology, classroom supplies, space, or anything else, please contact us at to find out how your resources will help us grow.


Thank you to everyone who has donated your time, talent, and hard earned money to help Tkiya to grow (including those of you who have chosen to remain anonymous)! We could not have done this without you:


Jo Walker, Laura Friend, Christian Hartman, Emma Doody, Carla Friend


Christian Hartman, Dan Jones

Video Production/Editing

Joel Kotlowitz, Carla Friend

Web Developement

Carla Friend, Jason NadafTyler Tadej

Forte Funders

Jeanne Friend, Adele Lifschitz

Mezzo-Forte Funders

Joshua Breitzer, Heather & Kevin Granger, Joshua Haimowitz, Dan Jones, Mary Jones, Rabbi Stephen Karol, Jane Maestro-Scherer, Chad Oschman, Jaime Roth, Jay Sackman, Brian Schindler

Mezzo-Piano Funders

Courtney Berghahn, Ilana Berman, Cecelia Blau, Sam Byron, Terry Coltin, Fred & Lenore Decovsky, Jamie Ehrenfeld, Zach Feldman, Adam & Eilene Fisher, Dewey Fleszar, Laura Friend, Marilynn Greenberg, Joyce & Azriel Haimowitz, Jay Herman, Armin Kaiser, Alexandra Lesser, Julie McGuire, Andrea Rae Markowicz, Dorothy Pearl, Barry Rosenberg, Nancy & Ira Shankman, Andrew Sohn, Willy Tan, Steve & Diane Weitzman, Max Winer

Crescendo Funders

Vicki Adiel-Greenberg, Alison Belinsky, Claudia Bennis, Dan Chorost, Debbie Clemence, Kaitlin Davis, Wiley Deweese, Erica Frankel & Dimitry Eshkut, Laura Friend, Tyler Hagain, Arielle Hyatt, Cardozie Jones, Brennan Lowery, Alex Mogil, Casey Parles, Ariel Plotkin, Nicole Reustle, Ally Rome, Aryeh Sand, Stephen Schapero, David Tuchman, Kelsey Wahl, Jo Walker, Maddie Wasser

Chai Funders

Erik Blumberg, Rafi Blumenthal, Aryeh Carni, Reiko Goodwin, Christian Hartman, Michael Herbst, Reiko Goodwin, Evan Greenberg, Mike Pitsikoulis, Slava Rubin, Nicole Stumpf