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Tkiya For Life – Participatory Music for the Aging

Tkiya For Life: Participatory Music for the Aging

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Picture: Lorne Campbell / Guzelian Peregrine House, Whitby, North Yorkshire. PICTURE TAKEN ON TUESDAY 6 DECEMBER 2011

Tkiya For Life is lead by music educators and music therapists who are inspired to help the elderly grow mentally, physically, socially, and musically. Through singing, playing instruments, movement, listening, and collaboration, Tkiya For Life ensures that each participant is able to excel in his or her own way with an emphasis on personal choice.

Our newest program as of 2015, Tkiya For Life is now serving two locations on a weekly basis.  On Mondays we work with the GEMS II and Friendship Circle day programs at Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center on Long Island and Tuesdays with residents of The New Jewish Home in Manhattan.  Taylor Herbert, Director of Senior Services at Sid Jacobson JCC, says that Tkiya For Life not only brings back memories for the participants in her programs, but it also “helps them to feel active and gives them purpose.” View some photos of Tkiya For Life in action, below.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of bringing Tkiya For Life to your facility, please drop us a note below.  We would love to share more information and come in for a free demo session!

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